Advisory Committee

Dr. CHAN Yan Chong, JP
  • Adjunct Professor, Department of Management Sciences, College of Business, City University of Hong Kong.
Mr. CHAU Kwok Ming, Joe
(Chu Hai BBA, Class of 1987)
  • Managing Director of Reer Garment Manufactory Limited and Reer Asia Limited
  • President, The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business
  • Member, Competition Commission, Hong Kong
  • Member, Small and Medium Enterprises Committee, Trade and Industry Department, Hong Kong
  • Member, SMEs & Younger Generation Working Group of Belt and Road Committee, Hong Kong Trade Development Council
  • 中國安徽省人民政治協商會議香港委員
  • 中國上海市普陀區海外聯誼會常務顧問
Prof. HE Yumei
  • 中國東南大學經濟管理學院
Mr. LIO Weng Tong, Felix 
  • 焯能科技投資(天使投資)創始人及合夥人
  • 加拿大楓華國際教育投資集團( TSX. MBA)企業融資總監
  • 澳能建設( 1183.HK)獨立非執行董事
Mr. MA Wai Yip, Rex
(Chu Hai BBA, Class of 1992)
  • Co-Founder & Managing Director, iGen6 Digi-Marcom Ltd.
  • President, Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association
  • Vice President, Chu Hai Alumni
  • Executive Committee, Hong Kong Innovative Technology Development Association
  • Advisor, GREATER BAY AREA Youth Innovation Centre (Foshan) of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao
  • Professional Advisor, Greatland Research Institute, Guangdong Province
  • Advisor, Association of Small and Medium Enterprise in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area
  • Advisor, Guangzhou Nansha District Enterprise and Enterpriser Confederation
  • Part-time Lecturer,  School of Communication, The Heng Seng University of Hong Kong
  • Honorary Secretary, Hong Kong Federation of Design and Creative Industries (2019-22)
  • Advisor, SME advisory committee, China Lighting & Power Holding (2015-21)
  • Member, Advisory Committee, Design, Marketing & Licensing Services, Hong Kong Trade Development Council (2013-17)
  • Hon. Digital Advisor, Hong Kong Public Relations Professionals’ Association (2014-17)
Dr. QU Baozhi
  • Deputy Director, Development Research Center of China Merchants Group (Hong Kong)
Dr. TAI Chi Hung, Philip 
  • Telecommunications Manager, Swire Properties
  • MIET, CEng

(In alphabetical order)