The Chu Hai business school tries to distinguish itself with its commitment to the values of BRIGHT and SAFE.

B stands for Bold: Bold with new ideas;
R stands for Responsible and Resilient;
I stands for Inquisitive;
G stands for Globalist in outlook;
H stands for Humanist and Humble;
T stands for Tolerant for difference.

Thus, being able to look at the BRIGHT side is the recipe for success in life. BRIGHT people are innovative and responsible, ethical and humanistic. BRIGHT people are also well connected and have an open mind. Being Humble and Inquisitive, they subscribe to lifelong learning.

S stands for Skilled in job skills and social skills;
A stands for Agile or flexible to deal with changing situations;
F stands for Faithful to one’s commitments and honour, so that in turn one can attract and retain faithful workers, clients, and customers;
E stands for Engaged in every task one takes up.

To prepare our students to be also successful in the business world, we at the Business Faculty at Chu Hai strive to help them become Skilled, Agile, Faithful, and Engaged business executives, while reminding them that risk management is crucial to survival in the business world over the longer term.






The same world…but we are different!




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