Having offered quality business education in Hong Kong for decades, the Faculty of Business has established a strong alumni network comprising people from various disciplines. Chu Hai Business Faculty Alumni Association (CHBFAA) has been successfully set up to promote interaction and networking among our alumni and faculty.


Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) in Accounting and Banking 

Mr. Danny NIP (Graduate of 2000)
Currently an Auditor of Chevalier Group

“Chu Hai College gave me a chance to move upward. After graduation, I studied locally and abroad for my Master Degrees. I now have professional qualifications in both Accounting and Facilities Management.”

(Graduate of 2004)

“In my four-year study in the Department of Accounting and Banking, besides academic knowledge, I also learned planning, patience and persistence that are essential to my career and daily life. Chu Hai further taught me to never give up in hard times.”


Mr. Jay CHU (Graduate of 2009)

Currently a Risk Analyst of an asset management company

Jay completed his Master Degree in Risk Management Science at CUHK after his graduation. He also holds the professional qualifications of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Financial Risk Manager (FRM).


 Ms. Kitty MAK (Graduate of 2011)
Currently a Senior Tax Accountant in the business sector

Upon graduation, Kitty pursued her Master’s Degree in Economics, Accounting and Finance at the University of Bristol, U.K. After returning to Hong Kong, she joined one of the Big 4 and has worked her way up to an Assistant Tax Manager. She is now a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Senior Tax Accountant in the business sector. To her, accounting is much more than dealing with numbers. Moreover, working in a big four accounting firm provided her “the opportunities to work with people of different backgrounds and ranks, including the Head of the Accounting Department, Financial Controller, co-workers, and clients. This has greatly improved my interpersonal skills.”


Mr. Ying-Wai WONG (Graduate of 2012)
Currently responsible for fund valuation work in a trustee

Ying-Wai completed the Qualification Programme (QP) of HKICPA and became a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) shortly after his graduation. As an accredited programme by HKICPA, the Accounting and Banking Programme at Chu Hai College has provided him a solid foundation to prepare for the QP.


Mr. Ali HARE (Graduate of 2017)
Currently responsible for relationship building work at a foreign bank

“Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Banking is a carefully structured programme that provides basic training in business and economics as well as opportunities for different specialisations. The Department of Accounting and Banking has teaching staff with solid knowledge and industrial experience, who can guide students to face different challenges.  Upon completing the degree, I had many choices for career development. More importantly, my college days are both unforgettable and enjoyable. I will cherish memories of people I met there for a long time to come.”



Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)

Mr. Alvin POON (Graduate of 1995)
Currently a Senior Vice President & Team Head, Business Banking at a famous local bank

“Chu Hai College gives me hope and an opportunity! It offers a valuable chance for students to realize their dreams of earning a HK government recognized degree and building up competence. With this opportunity, we can seize new opportunities in our career and life!”


Mr. Sam CHOW (Graduate of 2011 – first class honour)
Currently the CEO of his own company “GeBe Job”

“The content of BBA programme is diversified. Teachers are experienced and able to articulate additional knowledge to me. This is of paramount importance to the establishment of my entrepreneurial business – GeBe Job. If you are considering doing business after graduation, you should consider BBA of Chu Hai College.”

Mr. Alex LAW (Graduate of 2011)
Currently a Sales Operations Manager at Great Union Catering Management Limited

“After graduating from the Chu Hai College, I attempted two different jobs before spending a few months to identify my career path. Finally, I decided to work in the retail industry and in these few years, I have been able to apply management knowledge and theories I learnt in class to my work.”

Ms. Christine LAU (Graduate of 2013)
Currently a HR Officer (Talent Management) at LVMH Group

“The 4-year BBA programme is neither easy nor difficult to me. The programme is in good balance between theory and practice that allows me to apply theoretical knowledge to my work. After graduation, I joined the field of Training and Development. As a corporate trainer, I’m confident with my competence to overcome challenges and be convincing at work.”


Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) in Finance

Ms. Tiffany CHAN (Graduate of 2009)
Currently an Associate Director at Convoy Financial

Tiffany become a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) in 2013. Three years after graduation, she made an annual salary over a million dollars and was promoted to Associate Director leading her own team.

Mr. King-Wong YU (Graduate of 2010)
Currently an Investment Consultant at Hang Seng Bank Limited

King-Wong become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) in 2014. He passed CFA Level 1 in 2010. He feels thankful to the curriculum of the programme helping him prepare for the subsequent CFA examinations and join the banking industry.


Mr. Michael YUEN (Graduate of 2010)
Currently a Customer Manager at HSBC

Michael passed CFA Level 1 in 2010. He thanks Chu Hai College for its academic and caring endeavour in positioning him as a member of the major banking corporation.