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Nine students from the Faculty of Business achieved Second, Third and Excellence Prizes of the 2021’s National Competition for the Simulation Training of Financial & Security Investment

“The 2021’s National Competition for the Simulation Training of Financial & Security Investment” was finished successfully. There were totally 65,673 students from 589 institutions, forming 21,046 teams to join. The competition was organized by The National Vocational and Professional Financial Education Guidance Committee. Three rounds of competitions were conducted in two months. All prizes have now been awarded.

The Faculty of Business of Chu Hai College of Higher Education formed three teams to compete this year (Miracle, Golden Key, Pegasus). After making all-out efforts, the teams won the following awards:

  • Miracle (Liu Jun Yan, Zheng Jia Xin, Ji Long Wei, Coach: Dr. Kong Xiao Wei Vivian): Second Prize.
  • Golden Key (Fan Hong Sen, Zhang Han Yu, Guo Xing, Coach: Dr. Kong Xiao Wei Vivian): Third Prize
  • Pegasus (Chen Peng Fei, Cai Zong Peng, Zheng Kai Jun, Coach: Mr. Edward Chow): Excellence Prize of Southern District
  • Kong Xiao Wei Vivian and Mr. Edward Chow: Best Coach Awards



Please join us in congratulating the achievements of all the students.


Six students from the Department of Finance won the second prize of the 2020’s National Competition for the Simulation Training of Financial & Security Investment

The Faculty of Business of Chu Hai College of Higher Education won the second prize of the The 2020’s National Competition for the Simulation Training of Financial &  Security Investment” (2020第七届 全国金融与证券投资模拟实训大赛). Our team ranked among top 10% in more than 10,000 competitors.

The competition was organized by The National Vocational and Professional Financial Education Guidance Committee. The competition invited many top tier universities in the country including those in Hong Kong. With the huge number of contestants, the competition intensity was extraordinary. 

The competition involves online simulation trading on securities. In order to enhance the practical experience, the Committee provided CSMAR database platform for data analysis, quantitative investment strategy, backtesting, and automatic investment plan writing. Not only the students had to apply the knowledge acquired from the school, they needed to study the latest news of the market. The students extracted and analysed the data in the CSMAR database. They performed fundamental analysis on different companies. They also analysed and designed different investment strategies.

By making use of the latest technologies in Fintech, the students strived to achieve the best results in this rapidly evolving environment. In these two months, the team spent a great deal of time and effort and managed to cope with all the difficulties brought by the pandemic. Please join us to congratulate the team for the remarkable performance!


Sharing from our students

Unlike the other team members, I was not familiar with the China A-shares market in the past and I only knew about the Hong Kong stock market. Participating in this investment competition has deepened my understanding of the mainland stock market. Besides, the tools and operations of this competition is very close to the reality. Through the simulated investment, I can try different investment strategies and know more about the feelings of investors investing in the stock market in real life, I have benefited a lot. Thank you for the teacher’s support and the analysis of my team members. In the exchange of views between the group members, it has provided a great help for me. —Carmen Lau




I am excited to win this award of the stock trading competition. I am thankful for my teammates who kept a very close eye on the market everyday. I would also like to express my gratitude to our mentor. Besides, I learned new skills and knowledge from the competition, and it was a special experience that bettered me for my career and life.–Zhang Wei






I feel very honored to receive this award. First of all, I would like to thank Chu Hai College for providing us with such a great opportunity to participate in this wonderful competition. At the same time, I will continue to work hard and participate more future competitions. I hope to achieve more for myself and the college.–Zhao Hong Chen





Dear College leaders, instructors and students, I am Huang Jia Ze. It is a great honor to win the second prize of the team in the final of this securities simulation training competition hosted by CSMAR in 2020. The cheerful result cannot be separated from the painstaking efforts of each of our team members and the careful guidance of our mentor Edward. Here, I would like to give some humble suggestions to the students of the Business Faculty: Believe in yourself, with a positive attitude towards learning, and with a grateful attitude towards the world to create your own future. Thank you. – Huang Jia Ze




This competition gave me a chance to study different stock picking strategies. It helped me to build the right mindset and attitude towards financial investments. Of course, we could not have won this award without the continued supports of teammates and the mentor. It is because constructive communications of investment experiences and thoughts among teammates is the key to success. —Travis Cai




This competition gave me a great chance to experience real life security trading operations. Since I have no experience in stock investment, I have learned a lot about the details of security transaction trading rules. Moreover, I learned different techniques on stock price movement predictions. I also learned how to construct a portfolio so as to manage the risk. My teammates helped me a lot because they gave me valuable advises so that I could make sound judgements. —Chen Jun Tian


Guests from CTBC Business School

Prof. Jack Zhang, Dean of Faculty of Business received two guests from CTBC Business School (Taiwan) on 6 November 2019. Prof. Zhang led the guests, Ms. Victoria Cheng, Director of International Accreditation Center, and Dr. Wen-Cheng Hu, Dean of Office of Research & Development, tour around our campus. After the campus tour, the guests and business faculties held a meeting to explore various aspects of academic collaborations.

Located in historical Tainan City, in Taiwan’s south, CTBC were founded in 2000 as Hsing-Kuo University. In 2015, CTBC Financial Holding took over the funding and management of the college.

Prof. Jack Zhang, Dean of Faculty of Business (right) with the guests from CTBC Business School.


Business faculties took a photo with the guests (middle and 2nd from the right) after the meeting.


Four Students from the Department of Finance Take Up the 2019/20 CFA Institute Research Challenge

A team from the Chu Hai College of Higher Education is now competing in the prestigious CFA Institute Research Challenge Hong Kong Local Final 2019-20, hosted by The Hong Kong Society of Financial Analysts.

The team comprises Carmen Lau, Steven Huang, Travis Cai, and Juntian Chen from the Faculty of Business’ Department of Finance. Mr. Edward Chow, Department of Finance, will be the advisor.

The Challenge is an annual initiative designed to promote best practices in equity research among the next generation of analysts.  This is a competition between university-sponsored teams that research a designated publicly traded company, prepare a written report on that selected company and then present their findings to a panel of Judges. There are three levels: Local, Regional, and Global. Winners at the Local level advance to compete against Teams within their geographic region at the Regional level. Winning Teams at the Regional level advance to compete at the Global level. There are totally 11 teams in Hong Kong participating this year.

This is our privilege to have Mr. Paul Chan as our mentor. Mr. Chan has over 30 years’ financial analysis experience. During the opening ceremony, Mr. Chan gave our students a very insightful guidance on security research. They are looking forward to exchanging ideas with Mr. Chan the coming months. We are sure that the students will be greatly benefited by this experience.


Team with Mr. Paul Chan (middle)


Team with Mr. Edward Chow (2nd from the left)



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