Faculty Internship Programme

The Faculty Internship Programme provides Year 2 and Year 3 students of the Faculty with opportunities to gain valuable experiences in real life business settings and explore career options in a variety of industry sectors. It is a credit-bearing course which will require Intern students to work full time at the Sponsoring Organization’s local office for at least eight weeks in the summer holidays. The College Supervisor and Sponsoring Organization Supervisor will guide and/or supervise the students during work and conduct assessment on the performance of the students at the end of the internship period. Upon satisfactory performance, an intern student will earn three credit units for the following semester.

At present, Sponsoring Organizations of the programme include (in alphabetical order):

  • Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited
  • Genesis Coatings Ltd.
  • Hopewill Group (Holdings) Ltd.
  • Inland Revenue Department of the HKSAR Government
  • ISS Facility Services Ltd
  • M T L PANG & CO.
  • Nexia Charles Mar Fan Limited
  • Pizza Hut Hong Kong Management Ltd.
  • Pricesmart International Group Co., Ltd. 
  • Ronny W. Chan & Co., CPA
  • Worldwide Flight Services Holding S.A.

The Faculty is also working closely with the Student Affairs Office to provide students with non-credit-bearing internship opportunities both locally and in Mainland China, and with training on the writing of resume and preparation for job interview.


Recently Intern students attended a presentation and sharing session upon completion of  summer internship and they all reported that this learning experience beyond their classrooms was very fruitful and meaningful. 

Jin Tian Hao (Year 2, BCom Accounting and Banking, internship with Nexia Charles Mar Fan & Co.)

“Interning in Nexia Charles Mar Fan & Co. has widened my opportunities in my future career plans. The valuable experiences that I have gained are really useful for my future career. I am trained to be multitasking and precise during the internship. These skills can boost up my confidence and create more possibilities in my future career since the employee with multitasking capabilities and attentiveness are always in high demand by employers to increase their productivity level.”

Cheng Xue Qi (Year 3, BCom Accounting and Banking, internship with Nexia Charles Mar Fan & Co.)

“I feel thankful to work as an internship in Nexia Charles  Mar Fan & Co. for two months. It is lucky I started working in auditing and handled the foundation work of the auditing exercise for a company independently. I have learnt valuable practical knowledge through joining the business meeting with clients and colleagues. The internship experience assists me to develop my career path significantly."

Cheung Wing Pan (Year 3, BCom Accounting and Banking, internship with Inland Revenue Department):

“Participating in the internship programme with the Inland Revenue Department taught me a lot about the tax industry… The best thing about this internship is that I have learned and practised most of the knowledge and skills acquired during my taxation courses. I would definitely consider applying for a full-time position with the Department!"

Fung Wing Yan (Year 3, BCom Accounting and Banking, internship with Ronny W. Chan & Co.):

“I was so lucky that I had a chance to handle the case about a company winding up and do part of the investigation work of a liquidator of a winding up company. I am glad that I was involved in this case and it let me learn a lot.”

Lin Ka Man (Year 3, BBA, internship with Bank of China)

“The internship programme made me realize that I possess some strengths and also some weaknesses that need to be overcome. For my strengths, I found that I am good at communicating with people and well-organized in getting my job done… My major improvement should be put on my calmness and persistence… I am able to understand myself better and to develop good working attitude and skills for my future career.”

Tsui Yau Tong (Year 2, Finance, internship with Bank of China):

“I gained the knowledge of how to identify existing and prospective customers’ needs of financial services including both products and services. I am also able to ensure that compliance requirements are strictly observed and followed, contributing as part of the Bank’s major anti money laundry team. All these things help me to support branch operation with my work.”


Student Cheuk Yin Lam (Year 4) at work at the Bank of China
Student Chan Wing Yan (Year 3) at work at the Bank of China